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Crucible - Curtains (2001)

Second (and last) offering of this neo-prog band which repertoire is fully reminsciment of "Genesis" as well as "Yes" (the latter being a new feature of their work). Their debut album showed some interesting music for old and nostalgic freaks like me. Their epic "An Imp's Tale" was a complete "Supper's Ready" rip off but not too bad a song. In this album, songs are shorter and I couldn't find any which was really appealing to my ears.

All this music is too predictable, it lacks in harmony. They have it all done with thier debut album and even if this one was released three years later, no inspiration came to feed their brains. "Crucible" totally fails in releasing a fair work.

Poor neo-prog pop. Lots of keys, high pitched vocals and scrace guitar breaks. Emotion is not available in this offering. Fortunately, it is a short album (I told you they were short of ideas).

Don't expect anything great. Even if the closing number "Curtains" saves the whole and finally offers some good moments. It is probably the most YesSong of all. It is a long instrumental number in which keys and guitar are nicely balanced and echoe one to each other. By far the best song.

This album is not very useful. Stick to their debut one which was more diversified and closer to their model than this one which is close to nothing. I can imagine why so few people did review this work.

Two stars for this below average work. I am still looking for any symphonic relation to their work. This is pure neo-prog music.


1. The Swordplayer (8:27)
2. I'd Rather Walk (3:10)
3. A Man Of Two Minds (4:29)
4. Noble Rot (5:10)
5. Nuclear Apathy (6:57)
6. Worlds Apart (4:33)
7. Curtains (9:34)

Line-up / Musicians
- Chris Vescera / bass guitar
- Tim Horan / piano, organ, acoustic guitar and flute
- Bill Esposito / lead vocals
- Tony Cappellina / drums and percussion
- Dan Esposito / lead and rhythm guitars


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