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Annexus Quam - Osmose (1970)

Another fine jazz influenced krautrock band which delivers ambitious, inventive sounds. As it was said, the geographical roots of the band are from Kamp-Lintfort near Düsseldorf back to 1967. At this time the musicians were connected with a local religious brass band and then they decided to form a "cosmic" rock band to expand their own musical ideas and to put the stress on the jazziest side of their music. Very interlocking their first album released in 1970 for the ohr label definitely represents the fusion between "cosmic" music and jazz rock. Their strange, psych improvisations are mixed with weird space / electronic effects. Wind instruments (mainly the flute and the trumpet) are associated to the electric organ and conventional electric guitar parts. These combinations offer a tasteful musical ensemble. Recorded in 1972, their following album is maybe more elaborated, more evident with a very accomplished improvisatory approach. Consequently two remarkable efforts which contributed to the development of the Krautrock scene.

Almost totally unnoticed in the prog rock history, this little underground but mesmerising cosmic/jazz rock band shoudn't be ignored. Their first album Osmose opens the dance with a dreamy/spacey piece built around dicreet guitar harmonies, then a nice and grave trumpet solo is added with weird cosmic sounds in the background. A pure krautrock hymn!!! The second track is a dynamic jazz rock composition with strange acid vocals at the end. Next we have a cool jazzy tune dominated by electric organ parts and a subtle improvised guitar solo. The fourth track begins with a peacful flute's line carry on a bright psychedelic improvisation mixing guitar patterns with flute/sax solo. The tune which closes the album is built around the piano, then comes jazzy guitar solo, apathetic trumpet parts and cosmic noises. Simple, honest, instrumental and well played this album is a must in Krautrock's first years.

Tracks Listing:

1. Osmose I (4:15)
2. Osmose II (3:11)
3. Osmose III (10:36)
4. Osmose IV (18:20)

Total Time: 36:22

Line-up / Musicians
- Uwe Bick / singer, vocals, percussion
- Jürgen Jonuschies / bass, vocals, percussion
- Werner Hostermann / clarinet, vocals, percussion
- Peter Werner / guitar, vocals, percussion
- Hans Kämper / guitar, vocals, percussion
- Ove Volquartz / saxophone
- Harald Klemm / flute, vocals, percussion, trumpet

Releases information
LP OHR Ger-1970 / CD Spalax-SPA 14881-Fra


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