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Ash Ra Tempel - Schwingungen (1972)

A bit different from their debut because of the presence of vocals. Also Klaus Schulze left, in pursuit of his famous solo career. New drummer Wolfgang Müller is in, along with, of course, guitarist Manuel Göttsching and bassist Hartmut Enke. And for a vocalist, they chose a guy by the name of John L., previously of AGITATION FREE (who got booted out of that band for being too deranged, apparently ASH RA TEMPEL felt the same was as he was given the boot after this album). Talk about an acquired taste, John L.'s voice tends to be harsh and he always sounded out of tune (he reminded me of CAN's "Malcolm Mooney", so you get sort of an idea what you'll be facing here).

The album starts off with the rather bluesy "Look at Your Sun", complete with John L.'s off-key singing. The next song, "Flowers Must Die" is basically John L. simply screaming under an intense rhythm of guitar and drums, plus the presence of sax gives it a bit of a jazzy feel. Definately party-clearing music, to say the least. The second half of the album consists of "Suche" and "Liebe". "Suche" is a rather sinister spacy piece consisting of mostly vibraphone and organ. "Liebe" is more guitar and voice (this time by Göttsching), and sounds like a cross between PINK FLOYD and ASH RA TEMPEL's debut. Amazing album, if you can get used to the vocals.

Tracks Listing:

Light And Darkness
1. Light: Look at your Sun (6:34)
2. Darkness: Flowers must die (12:22)

3. Suche & Liebe (19:23)

Total Time: 38:19

Line-up / Musicians
- Manuel Göttsching / Guitar, organ, electronics
- Hartmut Enke / Guitar, bass, electronics
- Wolfgang Mueller / Drums, vibes

- Guests:
- John L / Vocals
- Jew Harp / Percusssion
- Matthias Wehler / Alto Sax
- Uli Popp / Bongos

Releases information
Spalax 14248 / Purple Pyramid CLP 0310-2 (USA)
Arcángelo ARC-7080 (NKCD-3944) CD (2004)


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