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Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale (1967)

With its haunting tonality and Bach flavouring (both provided by Hammond organist Matthew Fisher), vocals by Gary Brooker, and unusual lyrics by Keith Reid, "A Whiter Shade of Pale" reached #1 in several countries when released in 1967. Reid told Songfacts that he got the idea for the title when it came to him at a party, which gave him a starting point for the song.

In the years since, it has become an enduring classic. In 2004, the United Kingdom performing rights group Phonographic Performance Limited named it the most-played record by British broadcasting of the past 70 years. More than 900 recorded cover versions by other artists are known. The song has been included in many music compilations over the decades and has also been used in the soundtracks of numerous films, including The Big Chill, Purple Haze and The Boat That Rocked.

A cover of the song by King Curtis was used in the film "Withnail and I".

The original writing credits were for Brooker and Reid only. On 20 December 2006, Matthew Fisher won co-writing credit in a court case, which was upheld by the Appeals Court on 4 April 2008 appeals decision. However, Fisher's songwriter royalties remain under dispute.


Anyhow, some of you would like to see also the classic filmation made to promote this single. A part of it was used at prog-rock documentary of BBC 4 "Prog Rock Britannia", previously mentioned somewhere here around the blog. Here it is:

The Idle Race - Please No More Sad Songs

This song appears on the first album (Idle Race, 1969) of this band formed by Jeff Lynne. The Idle Race was a British cult rock group from Birmingham in the late 1960s and early '70s. In addition to being the springboard for Jeff Lynne, the band holds a place of significance in British Midlands' rock history as a link between Electric Light Orchestra, The Move, the Steve Gibbons Band and Mike Sheridan and The Nightriders.

More at Wikipedia.

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - Nightmare (1968)

From the lost treasure Peter Sykes' 1968 head-trip film "The Committee", here is The Crazy World of Arthur Brown performing the jazzy, jarring 'Nightmare' and a Jimmy Smith-like Hammond organ groover filmed at a party scene in the LSE.

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Most contagious laugh

Try to watch this captcha without laughing...

...but, seriously, is there anyone can chuckle like him except Popeye? He reminds me this old ye mariner but high-pitched.

Jethro Tull - My God (Live at the Isle of Wight, 1970)

From Jethro Tull DVD "Nothing Is Easy (Live at the Isle Of Wight, 1970)". Great performance (including some Ian's comical extravaganza) of this astounding Aqualung's track.

DVD (Amazon)

Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii (Full concert, 1972)

Como la grabación de este concierto en forma de película ha sido considerada recientemente, aunque supuestamente (se requiere confirmación para poder mantener este video en el blog), como un artículo de dominio público, os la ofrezco en su integridad, tanto si no habéis tenido ocasión de verla aún, pese a la edición en DVD del mismo realizada en 2003. / As the film in which this concert was recorded has been supposingly considered as a public domain release some time ago (some confirmation is required to maintain this video in here), I offer here the complete set for your entertainment, as well as if you haven't seen it yet, otherwise if owning the official 2003 DVD release (director's cut).

Todo sobre este documento histórico de gran valor musical lo tenéis en la Wikipedia. / All about this valuable and historic film document is found on Wikipedia.

Como nota adicional, hay un par de momentos curiosos en los cuales Nick Mason no pierde nunca el ritmo pese a tener un pequeño desliz con sus baquetas, en las canciones "One Of These Days" y "Echoes, part II". / During the song "One of These Days", Nick Mason lost a drumstick but quickly retrieved another without missing a beat. During the outro of "Echoes, Part II" Nick can be seen breaking a stick, throwing it away and again retrieving a new one without missing a beat.

Amazon: DVD (Director's Cut) - standard case

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Gnidrolog - Lady Lake (testpressing LP, 1972)

Hace cosa de dos de años, me compré en un mercadillo de segunda mano en Edimburgo (Escocia), concretamente en el que se realiza normalmente los sábados en Grassmarket, este disco y con una particularidad como habéis visto en las fotos contíguas. Parece un testpressing, al no tener nada escrito en los etiquetados del vinilo, salvo la palabra "Gnidrolog" con un rotulador sobre el label de la cara B. Lo más llamativo del mismo es ver que hay un tema de más, a pesar del tracklist, también en el mismo lado del vinilo. / Two years ago, I got this record at Grassmarket place in Edinburgh (Scotland) one Saturday in which this second hand car-boot sale is set every week-end. It seems a testpressing, if looking carefully both insert photos. Incredibly, there is an added track at the end of side two.

Al final, tras los temas que se conocen respeto de la edición normal de RCA (1972, SF 8322), aparece un instrumental de poco más de cuatro minutos, algo así como una "jam-session" que no se especifica en la contraportada, desconociéndose por tanto el nombre del mismo. / Behind all recognised tracks from standard edition, there is a sort of jam-session of the band playing an instrumental theme for about four minutes, not specified on back cover nor anywhere, unknowing the origin of this seventh track and its title.

Cara A / Side A:
1. I could never be a soldier (11:36)
2. Ship (6:44)
3. A dog with no collar (2:09)

Cara B / Side B:
1. Lady Lake (8:53)
2. Same dreams (2:49)
3. Social embarrassment (6:30)
4. (¿?) (4:28)

Alguien me ha contado que podría ser un extracto de un tema de otro de los discos de Gnidrolog "In Spite Of Harry's Toenail". A ver si puedo verificarlo.

Aquí tenéis la oportunidad de escuchar este tema en particular y valorarlo en su conjunto. / Here you have the nice chance to find it out.

Si conocéis algo más sobre dicha canción, dejar vuestro comentario. / Anybody who knows something about it, do a comment.

Jethro Tull - Too Old To Rock'n'Roll, Too Young To Die (1976)

This album was summarily dismissed by reviewers, who universally invoked their handbooks of hackneyed "critic speak." Cop-out terms like "indulgent" and "pretentious" were bandied about, employing the popular critic's method of simply discrediting an album due to its concurrent release with the arrival of punk-rock- - as if that were an intellectually sound critique given the virtually unrelated style of Jethro Tull's music. The main knock on this album is the ill-conceived concept involving an aging rock star. That is a valid observation, but what rock concept albums are deserving of literary accolades? Precious few, if any.

Lyrical themes notwithstanding, Too Old to Rock 'N' Roll... is a fine collection of independent rock songs that marked a return to the classic Tull style carved out on Aqualung and Benefit. Absent here are the muddled epic-length pieces synonymous with Thick As a Brick and A Passion Play, the pop leanings of War Child, and the complexity of Minstrel in the Gallery. So despite being the target of disparaging reviews, this album achieved modest chart success and boasted several quality rockers like "Quizz Kid," "Taxi Grab," and "Big Dipper." Martin Barre's unheralded lead guitar style remains a force, rescuing a couple of tracks from the doldrums. David Palmer's orchestral arrangements are, at times, a bit overblown but this album is far from the colossal disaster it's been portrayed as. Jethro Tull's third bassist John Glascock made his debut on this record, and Maddy Prior makes a guest appearance on the title track.

In October of 2002, EMI issued a remastered and expanded edition of this album, with killer sound and a pair of pleasantly folky, albeit unambitious bonus tracks from the same sessions, "A Small Cigar" and "Strip Cartoon" -- the latter is especially cheerful and will especially please guitar buffs with its mix of Anderson's glittering acoustic guitar and Martin Barre's crunchy electric lead playing.

~ Dave Sleger, All Music Guide


1. Quizz Kid – 5:09
2. Crazed Institution – 4:48
3. Salamander – 2:51
4. Taxi Grab – 3:54
5. From A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser – 4:09
6. Bad-Eyed 'N' Loveless – 2:12
7. Big Dipper – 3:35
8. Too Old to Rock And Roll, Too Young to Die – 5:44
9. Pied Piper – 4:32
10. The Chequered Flag (Dead Or Alive) – 5:32

Bonus tracks:

The remastered CD added bonus tracks and extensive liner notes:

"A Small Cigar" – 3:39
"Strip Cartoon" – 3:19

Deep Purple - Lazy (Live 1972)

Deep Purple - Lazy (Live 1972) por bebepanda

Genesis - The Musical Box (Live at Belgium TV)

Genesis _The Musical Box - Belgium TV - por Origine

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Manticore Special World Tour (1973)

En realidad, nunca he dejado de pensar en volver, pero después de un mes me lo he pensado mejor, aunque estos cambios de opinión pueden volverse en mi contra. Si la audiencia del blog lo cree así, mejor me callo... igual lo merezco... :D

El post anterior donde contaba mi abandono de este blog lo he borrado finalmente y espero que todo circule con normalidad.

Me dedicaré a publicar videos musicales en circulación por Internet y que no sean excesivamente conocidos, y tal vez continúe posteando discos o bien simplemente referirme a ellos para su escucha a través de Spotify, ya que creo es la mejor manera de acercarse a los mismos, sin necesidad de bajarse nada.

Bueno, en cuanto a este video de 52 min. aproximadamente de duración, es una especie de documental sobre la gira mundial del trío de rock progresivo-sinfónico Emerson, Lake & Palmer, filmado en el año 1973 presumiblemente para la televisión británica. Un documento histórico que todos los aficionados a este famoso trío no han de perder de vista, pues vemos lo que hay detrás de las bambalinas y la persona que se esconde detrás de cada uno de ellos.

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