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Ash Ra Tempel - Join Inn (1973)

The return of Schulze on drums and it is also the last classic ART album, IMO. Indeed, Klaus would drop by again in ART before releasing his first solo album: Irrlicht in 74 on the Ohr label, which is also the case for the last time for ART. The trio is again in top form, as is Rosi on vocals (not very present, though) ,but the deception is a very "poor" artwork, that seems to point to some kind of segregation towards Schulze: he's a framed pictured, compared to the rest of the band. anyway much less spell-binding as previous works.

This album follows again the blueprint of their debut. The first number makes me think of the best Hawkwind (but I am not suggesting who inspired who) and is a must. Slightly more refined than Amboss on the debut Freak'n Roll is very much that!!! A great 19-mins of jammed packed musical freedom, not stretching itself beyond its limits. Again the quieter side 2 is much scarcer in the music depth, relying on the ambiance and waiting the last five minutes to take off. Although much better than the S&B track from their Schwingungen album Jenseits cannot seem to develop past a good even excellent Floydian plan with bluesier jams, with the last parts dedicated to calm vocals (almost whispered) and cool heavenly organ drones..

I hate to speak in terms of Price/Quantity/Quality factor for music, but if such thing was acceptable, ART would not be well placed, because there is vacuous side to their usual side 2 tracks: very little substance and all ambiances. This third album is however much worth a spin and attentive listenings, like its predecessors.


1. Freak'n'Roll (19:15)
2. Jenseits (24:18)

Total Time: 43:33

Line-up / Musicians
- Klaus Schulze / drums, keyboards, electronics
- Hartmut Enke / bass
- Manuel Göttsching / synthesizer, guitar
- Rosi Müller / vocals (2)

Releases information
LP Spalax 14246 14146 (France) / Purple Pyramid CLP 0309-2 (USA)


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