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Clepsydra - Fears (1997)

This record is a true masterpiece of neo progressive rock! The music is quite comparable to neo progressive bands like Arena, Pendragon, Jadis, IQ and Violet District. The lush, magic & ear candy melodic keyboards will easily make you stargaze. The floating keyboards are quite rich, colorful and atmospheric, however a bit less flamboyant & bombastic than on the Alone album.

The VERY melodic electric guitar solos are very good, and it is all the time played in the high notes, a bit like the expressive neo prog bands use to play in their songs, such like Jadis, IQ and Violet District. When the electric guitar is rhythmic, it is not distorted too much, so that it just brings a slightly bold & pleasant rhythmic contribution. There are also many discrete distortion- free electric guitar notes a la Jadis, Pendragon & Marillion, which is a VERY strong point of the album, even more omnipresent than on the Alone album. The male lead singer has a very insistent, emotional and highly pitched voice, with a strong foreign accent. The bass and the drums do a very good job.

If we compare this record with their following Alone album, Clepsydra are more sophisticated and progressive here, and they still have their very pleasant emotional approach. ALL the tracks are at least excellent. Again, Clepsydra here should seduce women with their simple, catchy, accessible and emotional approach.


1. Soaked (9:02)
2. The Missing Spark (9:02)
3. Into My Cartoon (4:08)
4. The Age Of Glass (5:53)
5. Fearless (3:57)
6. Daisies In The Sunshine (2:31)
7. The Cloister (5:46)
8. The Nineteenth Hole (8:42)
9. Sweet Smelling Wood (2:46)
10. Fear (10:53)

Total Time: 62:40

- Aluisio Maggini / vocals
- Marco Cerulli / guitars and sax
- Philip Hubert / keyboards
- Andy Thommen / bass
- Pietro Duca / drums and percussions


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