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Clepsydra - Alone (2002)

Albums like "Alone" remind us of just how lucky we are to be progsters. This is a 'killer' album. With its pristine production, tight musicianship, its rich, full-bodied arrangements and musical passages that are simply to die for, it is symphonic to the core and as such, one of the finest examples of the genre. It's hard to compare Clepsydra's music with other bands': the best I can say is that it sounds like a mixture of Pendragon (without the goofy vocals) and IQ at their most melodic. From start to finish, the melodies build up, soar and explode delightfully. Yes, it is bombastic, but I wouln't want it any other way: this type of music has every right to be. The musicians are not only endowed with an extraordinary sense of the melodious, they have a terrific sense of timing and can turn your senses about with a single (musical) pen stroke.

Describing each track individually would not do justice to them; you have to hear them for yourself. Let me simply say that ten out of the 13 tracks feature some musical phrases that will make you reel with pleasure and leave you asking for more. The only low point: although the vocalist does an excellent job, I find his accent a little annoying at times. If you can ignore this minor nuisance, you'll find "Alone" fascinating and will never tire of hearing it over and over again. A must for anyone into melodic prog.


1. Tuesday Night (I) (2:22)
2. Tuesday Night (II) (5:34)
3. Tuesday Night (III) (5:18)
4. Travel Of Dream (I) (2:42)
5. Travel Of Dream (II) (6:25)
6. Travel Of Dream (III) (1:45)
7. The Return (7:10)
8. The Father (7:30)
9. Alone (I) (7:30)
10. Alone (II) (5:19)
11. The Nest (6:58)
12. God Or Beggar (5:44)
13. End Of Tuesday (5:03)

Line-up / Musicians
- Aluisio Maggini / vocals
- Marco Cerulli / guitars, keyboards
- Nicola de Vita / bass
- Pietro Duca / drums
- Philip Hubert / keyboards

Releases information
CD CCD 4111/3 (with 'Fish' Cover)
also as
CD CCD 4111/2
CD CCD 4111/1
with 'Octopus' & 'Chicken'-Covers

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