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Emmylou Harris - Elite Hotel (1975)

Released in December 1975, just a few months after Pieces Of The Sky, Emmylou Harris's Elite Hotel is already a first achievement in her career. Twelve songs, twelve little musical pearls. One would never repeat enough that half of the success of a singer depends on the members of the band playing in the recording. In Elite Hotel, the Angel Band hides such great names as Glen D. Hardin at the piano, James Burton at the electric guitar or Herb Pedersen at the banjo. Some of you certainly remember that Glen D. Hardin and James Burton used to play with another successful singer : Elvis Presley...

Twelve musical pearls because, like in Pieces Of The Sky, Emmylou gives to the musicians the opportunity to develop superb instrumental solos. In my opinion, Buck Owen's "Together Again" can be compared to Ray Charles's version partly thanks to the incredible piano arrangement invented by Glen D. Hardin. The supporting vocals are also terrific, specially in Gram Parson's "Sin City", John Starling forming with Emmylou a duo that has haunted me for days.

Three songs recorded live "Ooh Las Vegas", "Sweet Dreams" and Hank Williams's "Jambalaya" and an homage to Emmylou Harris's former mentor Gram Parsons with "Sin City", "Ooh Las Vegas" and "Wheels". At last, a perfect version of Lennon/McCartney's "Here, There and Everywhere" that is going to make you wonder why this song is not one of the most known recording of the Beatles.

Releases information:

LP: 1975, Reprise Records, (*) Warner Bros.
- US and Canada*, MS 2236
- UK, K 54060
- Netherlands and Germany, REP 54060
- Spain*, 54060

- ????: Reprise / WEA: Netherlands, 7599-27246-2
- 2004: Rhino Records / Warner (Original Recording Remastered): US and Europe, 0812-278109-2


1. Amarillo (Emmylou Harris / Rodney Crowell) (3:01)
2. Together Again (Buck Owens) (3:54)
3. Feelin' Single - Seein' Double (Wayne Kemp) (2:27)
4. Sin City (Gram Parsons / Chris Hillman) (3:55)
5. One of These Days (Earl Montgomery) (3:04)
6. Till I Gain Control Again (Rodney Crowell) (5:35)
7. Here, There and Everywhere (Lennon / McCartney) (3:41)
8. Ooh Las Vegas (Live recording) (Gram Parsons / Rick Grech) (3:44)
9. Sweet Dreams (Live recording) (Don Gibson) (4:00)
10. Jambalaya (On The Bayou) (Live recording) (Hank Williams) (3:09)
11. Satan's Jewel Crown (Arr.: John & Fayssoux Starling) (3:13)
12. Wheels (Chris Hillman / Gram Parsons) (3:14)

Remastered CD Bonus Tracks:

13. You're Running Wild (1:44)
14. Cajun Born (3:19)

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