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Enya - The Very Best Of Enya (2009)

The Very Best of Enya is a greatest hits album from Irish musician and singer Enya. The album was announced by Enya on her official site on 26 August 2009 and released by 23rd of November 2009. According to the website, it includes Enya's favorite songs as chosen by her, Nicky and Roma Ryan.

Two versions of the album were released: a standard single-disc edition containing only the audio tracks, and a two-disc deluxe edition featuring a DVD collecting a number of her music videos. It made top 20 in over fifteen countries.

Although there are no new songs for the collection, "Aníron", which Enya composed and performed for The Lord of the Rings, is released on this album in a previously unreleased version. The track listing of songs on the CD differs for the CD-only edition and the CD/DVD edition.

Excluded from the DVD are the following videos: "May It Be", "Book of Days", "I Want Tomorrow", "Exile", and "How Can I Keep from Singing?". Of these, "May It Be", "Book of Days" and "Exile" included footage from motion pictures (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Far and Away and L.A. Story, respectively), while "I Want Tomorrow" was originally a segment of the TV series The Celts.

The inclusion of the DVD marks the first North American DVD release of Enya's music videos, following the cancellation of a North American release of The Video Collection in 2001. The DVD includes three documentary featurettes that were originally included in the 2001 DVD release.

All songs composed by Enya with lyrics by Roma Ryan, except for "The Celts" and "Aldebaran" (lyrics by both Enya and Roma Ryan); and "Watermark", "Boadicea", "A Day Without Rain", and "Drifting" (instrumental, composed by Enya).

Tracklist from Deluxe Edition:

1. "Trains and Winter Rains" (from the album And Winter Came...)
2. "My! My! Time Flies!" (from the album And Winter Came...)
3. "Stars and Midnight Blue" (from the album And Winter Came...)
4. "Amarantine" (from the album Amarantine)
5. "Sumiregusa" (from the album Amarantine)
6. "The River Sings" (from the album Amarantine)
7. "If I Could Be Where You Are" (from the album Amarantine)
8. "Wild Child" (from the album A Day Without Rain)
9. "Only Time" (from the album A Day Without Rain)
10. "Drifting" (from the album Amarantine)
11. "Flora's Secret" (from the album A Day Without Rain)
12. "Fallen Embers" (from the album A Day Without Rain)
13. "One By One" (from the album A Day Without Rain)
14. "Pax Deorum" (from the album The Memory of Trees)
15. "Athair ar Neamh" (from the album The Memory of Trees)
16. "Anywhere Is" (from the album The Memory of Trees)
17. "Orinoco Flow" (from the album Watermark)
18. "Watermark" (from the album Watermark)
19. "Boadicea" (from the album The Celts)
20. "May It Be" (from the soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)
21. "Caribbean Blue" (from the album Shepherd Moons)
22. "Aníron (I Desire)" (previously unreleased version)

Deluxe Edition

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