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Annexus Quam - Beziehungen (1972)

AQ's second album, Biziehungen, is the logical continuity of their debut album, even if it has fairly "progressed", although not exactly to my liking. Indeed the balance between Nucleus-like jazz-rock and Tippett-like free jazz (in favour of the first one in their debut) has been reversed. The album cover is a bit misleading as well as the joyous space rock artwork clashes completely with a good deal of the album.

Only four tracks on this baby and after the great opening track Trobluhs, which is reminiscent of their debut album, the album veers into a senseless and way too lengthy (IMHO at least) free improv Leyenburg 1, where the group seems to be doing so, just because it seems like the "thing to do to be considered a serious muso". Although there are lapse where the music does come back to more charted territories, the bulk of it is lost to this writer.

Indeed the second side does start better (with a good intense third of the way into the lengthiest track of the album, it again veers into indulgent free improvs, and even if the track does come back to reality every so often, by coming back to the opening feel, it is simply too much that will eliminate itself from a relatively frequent and infrequent spinning rotation in your deck. This is so, especially given that the last track is the second part of the difficult Leyenburg of the first side, even if in this case, the "thing" is not senseless.

This second album is unfortunately a wasted opportunity to take their music in adventurous territories without becoming obtuse. Not one of the legendary label Ohr's better releases, this album is only for those who are familiar with the more difficult side of their Osmose album.

Tracks Listing:

1. Trobluhs el E Isch (5:29)
2. Leyenburg 1 (14:05)
3. Dreh Dich Nicht Um (16:20)
4. Leyenburg 2 (3:35)

Total Time: 39:29

Line-up / Musicians
- Peter Werner / guitar
- Hans Kamper / trombone, guitar, flute
- Ove Volquartz / flute, saxophone
- Harald Klemm / zither, tabla, guitar, Bendira
- Martin Habenicht / bass

Releases information
LP Ohr 556028 (1972) / CD Spalax-SPA 14811-Fra


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