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Amenophis - Amenophis (1983)

Amenophis was founded in 1978 by Michael Roessman, Wolfgang Vollmuth, and Stefan Roessmann. The name was taken from an Egyptian Pharoah, and was meant to have international appeal.

They recorded their first album in their own apartment / studio in the summer of 1983. Lack of sales forced them to sell all of the equipment, thus breaking up the band.

In 1987 fate smiled with an offer to record a second album. This lineup would include Kurt Poppe on keyboards, René Kius on drums and Elke Moehle on vocals. Stephan was replaced (with his blessing) due to health problems. The tour for "You and I" lasted until the summer of 1989. Afterwards, with commercial success still eluding them, the band broke up for good.

From the beginning constant touring aided in honing their skills. Yes, Camel and Genesis are cited as major influences. A commitment to complex progressive music, and their own compositions, kept them from continuing with careers in music.


1. Suntower (5:18)
2. The flower (7:31)
- a) The appearance
- b) Discovering the entrance in the shadow of a dying bloom
3. Venus (7:03)
4. The last requiem (24:32)
- a) Looking for refuge
- b) The prince
- c) Armageddon


Wolfgang Vollmuth (Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards)
Stefan Roessmann (Drums, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar)
Michael Roessmann (Guitars, Keyboards)

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