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Frank Zappa - KCET TV studio (Live in Los Angeles) (1974)

Tracks from the KCET-TV studio, Los Angeles, 6/7-Aug-1974. They first appeared on Indiscreet Picture Show and A Token of His Extreme.

Current listing:

1. Montana (3:54)
2. Stink-Foot (Tom Waits Version) (3:56)
3. Inca Roads (9:28)
4. Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat [listed as "Dog Breath"] (3:50)
5. Approximate (1:23)
6. Cosmik Debris (7:35)
7. Florentine Pogen (9:55)

- MP3 / 128 kbps

If any copyright holder wants this live material removed from my blog, I can do it with no problem. Just communicate it previously before proceeding in a wrong way like reporting against the full blog when most of my blog entries doesn't have a similar content. This stuff consist in fans productions or private recordings made for public exposure and in no way should be sold or marketed.

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