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Genesis - Live in Leicester (1973)

Sometimes the original is the best. Genesis released a live album early in their career. As the band was relatively unknown, the live album was a single LP but sold at the then low price of £1.99. Hence the recording was trimmed to fit the time constraints of the format. But collectors have finally found their Holy Grail, the double LP version.


Live in Leicester [Genesis Archive, 1CD]
Live at DeMontfort Hall, Leicester, Feb 25, 1973 (except * Manchester Free Trade Hall, Feb 24, 1973)

The following are notes by fan quadrophenia who shared this more complete version of the famous Genesis Live album late last year:

This is the remaster of the Dutch Test Pressing (2LP) of the officially released album Genesis Live. This one sounds better than all official releases of that album. The track "Supper's Ready" was not included in the official release.

The officially released songs are different in the following ways:

"This Dutch Live Test Pressing is not a regular test pressing because what was finally used on the official Genesis Live LP is different than what was used on this pressing. An extra song is included, the introductions are longer, and the mix is different." (source:

"It is my conclusion that these LPs are a sort of anomaly; neither a regular test pressing nor a radio concert. These are test pressings for the Leicester/Manchester 1973 concert that was to be used on the official Genesis Live LPs, but not a test pressing for the official LPs themselves." (source:

Recording comment:

"The ultimate version of this wonderful collectors item. Finest sound quality ever found, this release put all the other ones to shame. I really wonder how did they manage to produce this, it's such a professional remastering work!. This is what Genesis Live could have been... well, I think the guys should have a listened to this priceless piece of work and then ... release it as should have been at last!, with all the fascinating Gabriel stories, a more natural live atmosphere and the arguably best version I've ever heard of Supper's Ready."

For further information please look here:

Source: Philips/Phonogram Int. B.V. test pressing (2LP), provided by Willem Beens. Vinyl transferring (EMT 950 turntable with TSD 15 moving-coil stylus), audio restoration (CEDAR Cambridge), mastering, cover scans and design by tom 2006.

TM Productions April 2006

The version of Supper's Ready here is unique as it is not the same as the version on Genesis Archives Vol 1. That version comes from a concert at the Rainbow Theatre on Oct 20, 1973 and Peter Gabriel reportedly rerecorded some of his vocals for the boxset as did Steve Hackett for his guitar parts.


1. Watcher Of The Skies (8:35)
2. The Musical Box (10:38)
3. Get 'Em Out By Friday (9:00)
4. Supper's Ready (23:45)
5. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed* (8:22)
6. The Knife (9:27)

Total time 75:04

Tony Banks
Phil Collins
Peter Gabriel
Steve Hackett
Mike Rutherford


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