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Pink Floyd - The Last Gadgets Of Oxyminus (1969)

Bootleg concert containing two live sets 17 Sep 1969, (1-7) Amsterdam Concertgebouw, London, January - August '69 (8 - 10).

Seven of the recorded tracks also surface on the Amsterdam '69 ROIO. Several species... should read Grantchester Meadows (excellent version, imho). The jazzy Biding my Time is transformed into heavy metal by Dave's rocking solo, really great. Excellent version of Cymbaline, imho. ASOS doesn't contain the lead vocals by Dave (this one is quite bad quality). The first Green is the colour is sang by Roger, the second is by Dave. Quite good quality, what makes this ROIO great is the great mood it can create. Also the performances are very strong. - Zaphy

Format: CD
Catalog: WPOCM 0989do33-2 World Production Of Compact Music
(P) 1989 Made in Italy


1. Several Species... 7:02
2. Biding My Time 4:32
3. The Grandvizer's Garden Party (III, Exit) 1:13
4. Sleep (=Cymbaline) 12:10
5. Labyrinth 3:00
6. Green Is The Colour 3:21
7. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 2:35
8. A Saucerful Of Secrets 6:36
9. The Narrow Way 4:27
10. Green Is The Colour 6:04

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