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The Durutti Column - LC (1981)

front_coverGenerally regarded as a false step, Vini Reilly's second album features vocals sung by himself. In retrospect, it's not that bad. His shy and calm singing suits the songs and it doesn't sound cheesy or unlistenable. While the debut "The return of the DC" was a collection of sketches and soundscapes, "LC" is one of Vini's most song-oriented and accessible albums. Best tracks here are the sad "Sketch for dawn I", the up-tempo "Jacqueline", and the intimate "Messidor". This CD also contains some worthwhile bonus tracks. Overall, the playful rhythms and the gorgeous guitar lines still sound timeless. Another classic album in Durutti Column's discography!

Artista: The Durutti Column
Título: LC
Año de publicación: 1981
Label: FactoryOnce
LP: Factory FACT 44
CD: Factory Once FACDO 44 / London 828 827-2
Género: New Wave, Indie Rock, Avant-Garde


1. Sketch for Dawn I
2. Portrait for Frazer
3. Jaqueline
4. Messidor
5. Sketch for Dawn II
6. Never Known
7. Act Committed
8. Detail for Paul
9. Missing Boy
10. Sweet Cheat Gone
11. For Mimi
12. Belgian Friends
13. Self Portrait
14. One Christmas for Your Thoughts
15. Danny
16. Enigma

All songs written by Vini Reilly. Produced by Vini Reilly and Stewart Pickering. Recorded and Mixed at Graveyard Studios, Prestwich. Engineered by Stewart Pickering.

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