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Genesis - Academy Of Music. Live in NYC. May 4th, 1974

Date 04-May-1974
Venue Academy of Music, New York NY
Audience Quality A

Disc 1:

1 Watcher Of The Skies 08:12
2 Britannia Story 02:25
3 One Handed Drum Solo 01:52
4 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight 08:37
5 Romeo Story 02:09
6 Cinema Show 10:55
7 I Know What I Like 06:12
8 5 Rivers Story 02:39
9 Firth Of Fifth 09:50

Disc 2:

1 Henry Story 03:06
2 "Some In Betweens Phil..." 01:20
3 The Musical Box 10:46
4 Horizons 02:16
5 The Battle Of Epping Forest 12:24
6 Old Michael Story 03:24
7 Supper's Ready 25:44

Total Running Time : 1h 51min

Any copyright holder wants this live material removed from my blog, I can do it with no problem. Just communicate it previously before proceeding in a wrong way like reporting against the full blog when most of my blog entries doesn't have a similar content. This stuff consist in fans productions and in no way should be sold or marketed.

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