viernes, 29 de mayo de 2009

Who knows?

¿Quién puede saber o reconocer alguna de estas canciones? Las encontré y grabé en cinta desde algunas emisoras de radio (sin locutor) y en un canal de audio de la televisión por cable hace años y desde entonces hasta ahora no he podido averiguar nada al respecto. Los instrumentales, sobre todo si son de los años 60, son los más difíciles de situar, pero ¿quién sabe?

Who can know or find out any of the following songs? I recorded them on tapes from radio stations and one cable television audio-channel several years ago. Since then I couldn't figure anything about them. Instrumental tracks, as recorded in the 60's, are the most hazardous to realise, but who knows?

01: HOTLEGS - NEANDERTHAL MAN (1970) - Confirmed!

Video on YouTube

Hotlegs was a short-lived English band best known for its hit single "Neanderthal Man" in 1970. The band consisted of Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley, Lol Creme and – briefly – Graham Gouldman. In 1972 the band was relaunched as 10cc.

I swear it, I've never known they were responsible of this song.

02: Blues song from Sixties. Maybe Muddy Waters, but I can be wrong.

03: 60's pop instrumental, quite rhythmical.

04: Song "Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean", but female singer isn't easy to averiguate, not even using Internet searches.

Possible singers: Ruth Brown (another clip), Grace Knight, Susan Tedeschi, Sarah Vaughan, Koko Taylor, Lita Roza... but none seems to be like the previewed one. Big Maybelle, Bette Anne Steele, Dinning Sisters, Marva Wright and Mitty Collier are other options but no music archives to check them out were found.

05: 60's Reggae song.

06: 60's Pop Instrumental.

07: VIC DAMONE - DON'T LET ME GO (Live) - confirmed!</a<

Listen it clearly here:

08: 60's - unknown

09: 60's - unknown

10: ¿Singer? - BALTIMORE (?)

11: French song (?)

12: 60's - unknown

13: 60's Reggae song - instrumental.

14: 60's - unknown

15: 60's Pop Instrumental.

Gracias por cualquier ayuda prestada. / Thank you for any good help.

4 comentarios:

  1. number one is the neanderthal man by the hotlegs (1970)

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. number 4: Ruth Brown?

  4. Sorry, but I listened to Ruth Brown and doesn't seem the same.


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