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Edgar Froese - Macula Transfer (1976)

I'm surprised at how low the ratings are for this one. The mellotron is just gorgeous throughout this album. Edgar came up with the inspiration for these songs while on tour with TANGERINE DREAM in 1975/76. So he named the songs after the flight numbers. He seemed to be infactuated with travel, and it was while travelling (in this case by plane) where he would come up with these songs. "OS 452" features some guitar a minute in that reminds me of PINK FLOYD while the mellotron flows in the background. This soundscape continues throughout. The mellotron is otherworldly 4 minutes in. An absolute storm of mellotron 7 minutes in. "AF 765" is spacey to start as the mellotron comes and goes. Moog comes pulsating in with more mellotron. Whispered sounds come and go.

Love the guitar that also comes and goes. All of these sounds i've described continue. The tempo picks up until you would think something is going to explode. It stops before 10 minutes though as mellotron ends it. "PA 701" is eventually dominated by majestic mellotron floods 1 1/2 minutes in. A pulsating beat comes in as mellotron continues. Mellotron choirs dominate the sound before 5 minutes. Some pleasant sounds end it. "Quantas 611" is the only track with no rhythm on it, instead we get waves of mellotron throughout. It becomes sinister sounding before 3 1/2 minutes, but it comes and goes quickly. "IF 810" is lighter as moog pulsates. It sounds like this soundscape gets swallowed up by a vortex 2 1/2 minutes in, but no it returns to end it. A solid 4 star album that TANGERINE DREAM and mellotron fans should check out.

Track Listings:

1. OS 452 (7:56)
2. AF 765 (11:04)
3. PA 701 (7:36)
4. Quantas 611 (4:58)
5. IF 810 (4:26)

Total Time: 36:00


- Edgar Froese / synthesizer, guitar, keyboards, vocals

Releases information
LP Brain 0060008 (1976)

Buy it:

- Amazon(Remastered CD edition)
- Price Minister (LP original, for vinyl collectors)
- Spiral Vinyl Records (LP original, released by Brain Records)
- Ciao ES
- MP3 Fiesta DE
- Legal Sounds

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