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Charlie - She Loves To Be In Love (1978, single)

Charlie starts working in music industry in London with Terry Thomas (guitar, lead vocals), Martin Smith (guitar), Ray Bulloch (bass) and Nikko McBraine (drums). Nikko leaves after two rehearsals and Steve Gadd comes in on drums. Ray then decides to leave as the music isn't heavy enough and John Anderson comes in on bass. The name of the band at the time was "Charlie Cuckoo", but that addition is dropped soon. Eugene Organ writes in the year 2000 about this time: "As far as I can remember the name for the band came from a racehorse. I think it was called 'Charlie Cuckoo'. Some of us liked to put a little wager on the horse races."

The band plays for that moment - among own concerts - with Tim Rose, Tom Rush and the Doobie Brothers.

In 1973, the first single - "I Need Your Love" - is released on Decca. Although the band has a contract for four singles, only one more - "Knocking Down Your Door" - is recorded but never released.

The first LP, "Fantasy Girls" (1976), is released in Europe (Polydor) and the U.S. Martin Smith leaves the band and is replaced by Julian Colbeck (keyboards, backing vocals). The second LP released in 1977, "No Second Chance", is released in Europe (Polydor) and the U.S. It reaches place 85 of the U.S. charts. Eugene Organ (guitar, backing vocals) makes the band complete.

Their third LP, "Lines", is released in 1978, in Europe (Polydor) and the U.S. The single "She Loves To Be In Love" reaches the top 50 of the U.S. charts. Shep Lonsdale (drums) becomes a member of the band as a second percussionist.

So, as far as read the last previous lines, it would be good to remember this particular hit. On the time of "Lines" release, Charlie line-up had the following partnership:

John Anderson: Vocals, bass
Julian Colbeck: Keyboards
Steve Gadd: Drums
Eugene Organ: Vocals, guitar
Terry Thomas: Vocals, guitar

In Spain, "She Loves To Be In Love" 7-inched single had on the flip side another track from the album, "Keep Me In Mind", and released under catalogue number: 2059 058 (Polydor, 1978).

See more about Charlie in their official site.

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