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Popol Vuh - Hosianna Mantra (1972)

This is probably POPOL VUH's most well known album, and my second favourite after the next one "Seligpreisung". I really feel that Conny Veit adds so much with his guitar playing on those two albums. I don't think Djong Yun sounds any better than she does on this album, her shining moment i guess you could say.

"Ah!" opens with some beautiful piano melodies and then it calms right down 2 minutes in. Piano and a fuller sound returns before another calm arrives 3 1/2 minutes in. Piano is back to end it.

"Kyrie" features electric guitar and piano early and the Djong comes in like an angel before a minute. It's so moving 1 1/2 minutes in until it settles at the 3 minute mark. Guitar is back before 4 minutes. Nice. The vocals are fantastic! "Hosianna Mantra" takes a while to get going and then the piano, guitar and vocals become prominant. Oboe after 3 minutes then guitar. This is gorgeous! Words do little to express the emotion and beauty right here. Just listen.

"Abschied" is led by oboe on this another moving song. "Segnung" is mellow with vocals. A brighter sound with piano and guitar takes over before 4 minutes. Vocals return. "Andacht" is a very short guitar tune. "Nicht Hoch Im Himmel" features vocals and piano early. Her vocals are so dreamy. Guitar comes in after 3 minutes. It's so peaceful 5 1/2 minutes in. "Andacht" like the earlier tune of the same name is short with guitar. This one has some atmosphere to it. Simply a must have if you like spiritual contemplative music.

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Lately, this record would be rerelased within "Tantric Songs" in one single CD, edited by Celestial Harmonies label (Amazon).

Track Listings

Hosianna - Mantra (20:18):
1. Ah! - 4:43
2. Kyrie - 5:20
3. Hosianna Mantra - 10:15

Das V. Buch Mose (16:42):
4. Abschied - 3:10
5. Segnung - 6:00
6. Andacht - 0:40
7. Nicht hoch im Himmel - 6:17
8. Andacht - 0:35

Total Time: 37:00


- Florian Fricke / piano, harpsichord
- Conny Veit / guitar
- Robert Eliscu / oboe
- Djong Yun / vocals
- Klaus Wiese / tambura
- Fritz Sonnleitner / violin

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