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Edgar Froese - Aqua (1974)

Edgar Froese is undoubtly the principal founder of the German cosmic-electronic-rock group Tangerine Dream and most prolific musician of his kind. More than 100 albums, very mostly with TD (fulfilled with studio and live recordings), being the rest as soloist or collaborating with some other keyboard interpreter. He's actualy one of the first precursors of electronic music and krautrock in Germany.

Edgar was born in Tilsit (Tyzla), Oriental Prussia, during the Second World War on June 6th, 1944. Since a child, showed great attitudes for art and inscribed at the Academy of Arts of West Berlin to study paint and sculpture. About 1965, formed a music band called The Ones, performing rock and R&B on several clubs. While touring Spain, had a very influent encounter with avantgard painter Salvador Dali who encouraged Edgar to get into more experimental paths with his music.

The Ones disbanded in 1967 with one single in the market "Lady Greengrass" / "Love of Mine" and when he returned Berlin joining Christopher Franke and Klaus Schulze, and leading the beginner formation of legendary group Tangerine Dream.

Since then, his musical career has been drifting parallel to Tangerine Dream, if never forgot to release solo albums without leaving his work with the nowadays 40-years old legendary group.

This is his first album, released in 1974.

01. Aqua (17:01)
02. Panorphelia (9:41)
03. NGC 891 (14:01)
04. Upland (6:41)

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