domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2009

Mike Oldfield - Live in Bordeaux, 08-11-1984

Bootleg live concert made at Patinoire de Meriadeck in Bordeaux, France, 8 Nov. 1984.

Disc 1:

1. Platinum
2. Tubular Bells part II
3. In High Places
4. Foreign Affair
5. Mount Teide
6. Taurus I & II
7. The Lake
8. Five Miles Out
9. Crises

Disc 2:

1. To France
2. Poison Arrows
3. Crystal Gazing
4. Tricks Of The Light
5. Discovery
6. Talk About Your Life
7. Saved By A Bell
8. Moonlight Shadow
9. Taurus III
10. Shadow On The Wall

Any copyright holder wants this live material removed from my blog, I can do it with no problem. Just communicate it previously before proceeding in a wrong way like reporting against the full blog when most of my blog entries doesn't have a similar content.

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