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Camel - Moon Madness (1976)

This album was where Camel really came of age. From the first notes of "Aristillus", a brief but striking instrumental, the attention of the listener is caught.

The well worn criticism of Camel's vocal capabilities can undoubtedly be applied to "Moonmadness". After "Snowgoose" however, another instrumental album would perhaps have appeared indulgent, and would certainly have implied that the band accepted the criticism, giving up on the vocals altogether. Without wishing to labour the point, the vocals are indeed the weak point, but not to the extent that they spoil the album.

In any case, Camel's instrumental prowess is still very much to the fore here. The excellent closing track "Lunar Sea" (Lunacy = Moon Madness, get it?) for example is entirely instrumental, with slightly more jazz leanings than on previous albums but still very much in the symphonic prog vein. There isn't a weak track on the album, but my personal favourites are "Air Born" with it's dramatic pauses and soaring finale, and "Chord change" A remastered version of the album is now available, with a number of bonus tracks, although none of these can be considered essential.

Footnote, "Moonmadness" was originally was intended to be a concept album based around the personalities of the band members (musically if not lyrically). Andy Latimer was "Airborn", Andy Ward was "Lunar Sea" Peter Bardens was "Chord Change" and Doug Ferguson was "Another Night".

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01. Aristillus (instrumental)
02. Song Within A Song
03. Chord Change (instrumental)
04. Spirit Of The Water
05. Another Night
06. Air Born
07. Lunar Sea (instrumental)

Bonus tracks:

08. Another Night [Single Version]
09. Spirit of the Water [Demo Version]
10. Song Within a Song
11. Lunar Sea
12. Preparation/Dunkirk

All these three last tracks were recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon, London 14th April 1976.

Recently this year has been released a Deluxe Edition 2-CD pack, in jewelled cardboard gatefold case, including the previous tracklisting and two first bonus tracks plus "Lunar Sea" as a B-side from "Another Night" single, taken from recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon 1976 concert, while the second CD contains a full live concert from that event:

01. Song Within A Song
02. Excerpts From The Snow Goose
03. Air Born
04. Chord Change
05. The White Rider
06. Preparation / Dunkirk
07. Another Night
08. Lady Fantasy.

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