domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009

2009 Eurovision Festival (and the winner is... Norway!!)

NORWAY!!! One of Eurovision favourites among the public and critics won the present year edition of this edulcorated and expensively veteran contest. With a surprising 387 points score, so many distance from the second place gained by Iceland contestant, Alexander Rybak with his song "Fairytale" made the gold in a frosty and emotionless edition of this Europe TV show, in which only 25 countries between 42 could qualify for semi-finals showed yesterday Saturday's night. I don't even care about the show as I didn't observe it completely but some events, also if I haven't stayed all the time watching it, something for which I got sick since several years ago, not even for contestants quality (undoubtly, some may seem better than the rest, but that's not the case) but also for the politics in scoring. The only part I could only stay was during countries classification scoring. As expected, in spite of SMS messages.

Last year, in which Spain pretended to inflame the ubiquitous TV contest with his freak Chiquilicuatre, a bad tasted joke in all senses, was a horrible one for that and what it could be concerning Ireland and a turkey trot in between... until Moscow won that edition with an emotional and sensitive song (I'm so right with the decision).

Sadly, our Spanish contestant, Soraya, did reach the penultimate position, after having staged a well done performance, including David Copperfield's imitating state-of-the-art disappearing in mid-air in a moment of the song. A too much obvious trick but it didn't surprise anyone. We don't lift any head no more since 1995, when we could only top at the second position thanks to Anabel Conde and her song "Vuelve conmigo" (Come back to me), the year Secret Garden won Eurovision contest for the very first time.

Well, let's congratulate Norway unless I don't really like the song.

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  1. I was impressed by the way that Rybak could run around stage and still play the violin so well

  2. Iceland song was the best for me!And a second position is best than a victory.



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