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Repost: David Bedford - Star's End (1974)

David Bedford (1937) is a British composer who has pursued two parallel careers, one as an avantgarde composer in the vein of John Cage and one as a popular composer of epic-length melodic fantasies in the vein of Mike Oldfield.

A pupil of Lennox Berkeley at London's Royal Academy Of Music and of Luigi Nono in Venezia, Bedford began by writing music that mirrored the techniques of the 1960s. Two Poems for Chorus (1963) already displayed his love for the choir, while A Dream of the Seven Lost Stars (1965) first betrayed his passion for astronomy. Bedford's eccentric taste and sense of humour was evident in An Exciting New Game For Children Of All Ages, whose development depends on dice, and in With 100 Kazoos, a piece for audience playing a hundred toy kazoos. Music For Albion Moonlight (1970), a chamber work for soprano and septet composed in 1965, was the first one to be released on record.

The mini-album Garden of Love (Voiceprint, 1997) contains the 1970 piece for chamber ensemble and rock group (Kevin Ayers, Mike Oldfield, Robert Wyatt, David Bedford, Lol Coxhill) inspired by William Blake's poetry.

Nurses Songs With Elephants (Dandelion, 1972) collects the title-track, a minimalistic work for ten acoustic guitars, Trona (1967) and Some Bright Stars for Queen's College (1969), a composition for 80 college girls' voices and 27 plastic pipe twirlers.

His music for the opera From Marie Antoinette to the Beatles (1968) somehow introduced him to the world of rock music, and suddenly he was playing keyboards for Kevin Ayers.

A young member of that group, Mike Oldfield, invented a new form with his Tubular Bells, and Bedford decided to follow his example with Star's End (Virgin, 1974), a suite performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The main differences between him and Oldfield were that Bedford was educated at using orchestras and choirs, was more familiar with minimalism and other modern compositional techniques, and was more interested in cosmic themes than in folk themes.


Star's End (Part One) – 23’48’’
Star's End (Part Two) – 22’54’’

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