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Tangerine Dream - Cyclone (1978)

Following the departure of third member Peter Baumann, the remaining members of Tangerine Dream pursued a new direction, and with a refreshed line-up released this, their first ever album to have vocals and lyrics. Still, Cyclone makes one strongly suspicious that TD had spent a considerable amount of time listening to Pink Floyd's efforts of the preceding years, perhaps in the hopes of duplicating their colleagues' commercial appeal.

Of course, critics of the band would probably say that they were always in the process of duplicating Floyd. My point is, if so, it comes out pretty overtly here. "Bent Cold Sidewalk" opens with a sinister vocoder recitative a la "Sheep," though admittedly it's still pretty cool. It must have really made the fans that were expecting another album of all-instrumental, psychedelic excursions do a double-take. Then, the song proceeds with octave-separated vocals and keyboards straight out of the Rick Wright textbook of menacing moog lines, that should be instantly familiar to anyone who has heard Wish You Were Here or Animals.

"Rising Runner Missed By Endless Sender" is a neat title, but not much more. Still, the music often recalls the dark, new-wave compositions by the likes of Gary Numan. The vocals of Joliffe, who would depart after this album, range from passable to downright silly: what the heck is his deal at the very end of "Bent Cold Sidewalk"? The side-long "Madrigal Meridian" is perhaps the most interesting track by default, but others may say it's a repetitive sound-effects exhibition. In the long run, Cyclone isn't the bottom of the barrel, but neither is it the peak of the mountain.

(C) Ground And Sky.


1. Bent Cold Sidewalk (13:09)
2. Rising Runner Missed by Endless Sender (5:02)
3. Madrigal Meridian (20:29)

- Edgar Froese / Oberheim eight voice polyphonics synth, Twin keyboard Mellotron Mark V, Arp digital soloist synth, Moog modular synth & projekt electronic time control system, Gibson Les Paul custom guitars, Korg PS 3100 polyphonic synth, Roland GS 500 guitar & GR 500 controller, Solina string ensemble, Ovation acoustic guitar.
- Christoph Franke / Moog modular synth, projekt electronic sequencer, computer studio digital sequencer, Loop, Mellotron, Mellotron M 400, Arp soloist synth, Elka string synth, electronic percussion, Oberheim sequencer, Oberheim eight voice polyphonic synth, OBY One.
- Steve Jolliffe / vocals, bass flute, C-flute, piccolo, COR Angelas, bass clarinet, Hohner clarinet, Elka string synth, Grand piano, Fender Rhodes, Roland System-100 synth, Tenor & Soprano horns, lyricon by computone.
- Klaus Krieger / Polyester custom built drums with multi trigger unit, electronic percussion, Paiste cymbals, Bubims, Burma Gong set.

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