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Tangerine Dream - Encore (1977)

The live album Encore represents historically and also musically speaking, a marking point in Tangerine Dream's discography. Not just for the reason that one of the most important members (or ex-members) of Tangerine Dream, Peter Baumann, left the formidable trio,but also the style further used has changed in many pointes of view.What follows in the next years,although does not seem at that much of a difference,is a new "wave" of Tangerine Dream (I'm strictly refering to the 1978-1986 period; what the next evolutionary period is even more departed). Not even the closest trio to this, Franke/Froese/Scmoelling, does not entirely reproduce the "tangerian rhythm" and other elements that maintain their greatness in the "Baumann" years. Encore is a tribute and a model "compilation"combining the best of Tangerine Dream in the 1972-1977 period. I cannot think of a better album to mark the ending of Baumann collaboration (vulgary speaking, because I still have sadness in my eyes because of his decision).

Encore is in every point of my view, making hundreds and hundreds of review practicly useless without this word, a masterpiece. Both a masterpiece of a live album (I don't care at all if the live material was re-sketched in the bathroom, it's still live material) and a masterpiece of a Tangerine Dream album also regarded in the same way. Flawless in every structure and untouchable in organization. The 70 minutes are a delight to listen, spotless every time and refreshing in the same time.

The four tracks: Cherokee Lane, Monolight, Coldwater Canyon and Desert Dream consume all there is creation and amplify it to infinite scopes. Every one of the four pieces express something else, sharing an rememorating parts of the wonderful and excellent albums that were made in the Baumann/Froese/Franke period: Phaedra (1974), Rubycon(1975), Ricochet(1975), Stratofear(1976) and Sorcerer (1977). Although many excerpts from these album are reminded and discovered through the pieces of Encore, for example, the most obvious excerpts are: the piano part from Ricochet, Part Two; the main theme from Stratofear; Main Theme from Sorcerer, plus improvised themes similar to darkened melodies from Phaedra or Rubycon (see Desert Dream); these are not "costing" more than 3 minutes and do not confer more than endings to a graduate Display of the main theme of the piece. So Encore is not a live performance of previous album, in order to promote them, but something with new sounds and new works, made to promote only him.

As for the "tangerian rhythm", he finds another exposition of him with this album, interpreted in such numerous forms, the counting is futile, and the technique is exceptional and masterliness, achieving such great hights in Cherokee Lane and Coldwater Canyon. And the Desert Dream piece that makes Encore integral, absolutely essential.



1. Cherokee Lane (16:19)
2. Monolight (19:54)
3. Coldwater Canyon (18:06)
4. Desert Dream (17:30)

Total Time: 71:49

Double-Live-Album from the band's 77 USA-Tour which included such famous places as the Greek Theatre in L.A. and the Avery Fisher Hall in New York. On this tour the audience could enjoy a lasershow on the road for the first time.

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