miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2009

Allman Brothers Band - Live at University Of Missouri (1971)

This album was downloaded long time ago from a site that disappeared, after trying to look for it again. Now, it's so hard to know exactly if it is an official release or a bootleg as there is no info around the internet with the same contents of this tracklisting, albeit finding something like it's part of a full set concert made at Brewer Fieldhouse in Columbia (Missouri) in Febrary 28th, 1971. Otherwise other statements can be made writing a comment.


01. Statesboro Blues
02. Don't Keep Me Wondering
03. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
04. Midnight Rider
05. Dreams
06. Hot Lanta

Any copyright holder wanting me to remove the file, it's in their right and I will do it instantly. Anyway, is there any official edition in CD or another format of this live material?

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