miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2009

Bobby McFerrin & Chick Corea - Play (1990)

Concert album recorded in two live performances: one at Wolftrap, Wien, June 23rd 1990 and the other at the Carnegie Hall of New York, on June 27th 1990. Title album was an idea of own Chick Corea, as it was the first order of all music students when they started their musical duties: PLAY!

It's the magic from a master of keyboards, playing on a Yamaha CF3 electric piano, joined by another maestro, this time of voices and rhythms made with his own voice and body, using simply a microphone, here a CK703 Beyerdinamic inalambric mic as credited in the liner notes.

There is nothing much to say about this particular duo; their names talk themselves.


01 - Spain [10:15]
02 - Even From Me [06:35]
03 - Autumn Leaves [11:44]
04 - Blues Connotation [07:16]
05 - Round Midnight [08:02]
06 - Blue Bossa [06:15]



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