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Jon Anderson - In Elven Lands: The Fellowship (2005)

This is one of my favorite albums EVER. It is a group of musical artists [most notably Jon Anderson which I am thrilled about] coming together to make a CD with songs about [or from] the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. And I love it! It is amazing and true to Tolkien's books. It also gives me visions of Middle Earth and its people like the art of Alan Lee, John Howe and Ted Nasmith. I really love this CD.

Many of the song's lyrics [which by the way are fantastic] are in elvish or other ancient languages. Some are insumental and others are in English. This album was the reason I read The Silmarillion and the other histories of Middle Earth because many songs recall those ancient days before Lord of the Rings. And the artwork is very cool to. Lastly it features a remake of the Led Zeppelin classic The Battle For Evermore that makes a led head like me overjoyed! The tracks are:

1 Tir Im: This is an elvish prayer for light over darkness. I think it is a powerful, haunting way to open the album.

2 Dan Barliman's Jig: This is a fun sort of dance song that is the first to feature Jon Anderson's vocals! Now every time I here Jon Anderson sing I imagine Tom Bombadil because both of them sing the same sort of songs with odd lyrics. Nice song. One of my favorites.

3 The Silver Bowl: This is a soft slow song about Turin Turambar and the events that follow him slaying the dragon Glaurung. It's a very suiting song for the story.

4 The Man in the Moon: This is a song that's based on the one Frodo sings at the Prancing Pony Inn. It's a very well done song with a lot of rhythm.

5 A Verses to Elbereth Gilthoniel: This is an elvish female choir singing a verse to the kindlier of stars. It's a pretty song but there is a better version with Jon Anderson's vocals at the end of the CD. This ones very pretty though.

6 Elechoi: This song like the last is evlish and about stars awakening. I really like Jon Anderson's vocals on this one.

7 Beware the Wolf: This is one of my favorite tracks on the CD. It's in English and its recalls the tale of Beren and Luthien of old. I love the rhythm and background chanting in this one.

8 Orome Lord of the Hunt: This song is about Orome Vala of hunting. Alot of French horn, crumhorn and tuba to symbolize Oromes magical horns to send creatures of Morgoth feeling. This song has a lot of beat in it.

9 Creation Hymn: Another one of my favorites this is a very cool and peaceful creation song sung to Illuvatar creator of all. This one is out standing.

10 When Durin Awoke: This song is haunting and dark. It recalls the tale of Durins bane that was awoken by the dwarves who dwelt to deep with greed. I really like this song for the beats and how it goes perfectly with Tolkein's lyrics.

11 Eala Earendel: This is an elvish poem about Earendal the mariner [another song mentions him to]. It is very peaceful and gives one visions of elves dancing under the stairs.

12: The Sacred Stones: Another one of my favorites and Jon Anderson sings a lot in this one. It's about when Morogoth was overthrown and the Silmarils were recovered by the elves and valar. Beautiful song. It's very uplifting.

13 The Battle For Evermore: Ah, a classic remade. Led Zeppelin's poetic retelling of The Return of The King is re-harmonized and has a female choir singing several parts. I love the both versions but this one gives a more evil despair to the song. This is another one of my favorites.

14 The Blood of Kings: Numenor was one of the greatest races of men in Middle Earth. They were a wealthy people with advanced technology. Then they were almost all destroyed when the island Kingdome fell beneath the waves. This song is an amazing tribute to the ancient land. The meter for this song has seven beats per measure, recalling the Seven Stars in the royal arms of the Numenorian kings.

15 Verses to Elbereth Gilthoniel: This song is my all time favorite on this album. It is much better then its choir counterpart on many tracks before and features Jon Andersons vocals in the most amazing manner.

16 The Evening Star: This is a great way to end this album because of its bittersweet beauty and touching lyrics. It is based on a beautiful tale from The Silmarillion about the love between Earendel and his wife Elwing and what they both do for each other and all Middle Earth.

So if you are a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, progressive rock, Jon Anderson, classical music or Led Zeppelin then buy this. You will love it as much as I do [a lot].

I hope the same people make a sequel to this amazing CD done in the same style.

Review by Luke Dickey for

Track Listings

1. Tîr Im
2. Dan Barliman's Jig
3. Silver Bowl
4. Man in the Moon
5. Verse to Elbereth Gilthoníel
6. Eléchoi
7. Beware the Wolf
8. Oromë: Lord of the Hunt
9. Creation Hymn
10. When Dûrin Woke
11. Eala Earendel
12. Sacred Stones
13. Battle of Evermore
14. Blood of Kings
15. Verses of Elbereth Gilthoníel
16. Evening Star


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