sábado, 6 de junio de 2009

Tubular Bells rings again (Today's events)

This video has been already submitted during today's celebrations around the world for the incoming rerelease of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells next monday. It happened at Sydney town, Australia, and seems to be very simple (at last, to be stand-offish, noddy). I wonder what other cities have done in the meantime, but that means to me now unsignificant.

In London. another event, running up now from 2pm till 6pm, and possibly in other parts are just celebrating this so much cloying happening.

Concerning London event, an user who assisted to British Music Experience at the O2 today and after meeting one Mercury Records PA commented: There will be further expanded re-releases starting with Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn before the end of the year. Then after that hopefully Incantations and a box-set of all the concerts recorded during the Exposed tour.

No mention of a Boxed-box or orchestral Hergest Ridge but I did really get the impression that they know we would like everything in the vaults please and are trying to gather as much as possible and just release it. How far they go through the back catalogue rather depends on sales of the early re-releases.

Mike is apparently really enthusiastic about the response to the re-release project and seems quite up for doing more of them, but it seems unlikely that he’s going to be recording anything new any time soon.

Thought that all might be of some interest.

However, all what I'm overlooking this reintroduction of TB tomorrow in the shops, is a trend to make cash above all, in spite of new mixes. Good luck to buyers, because this year will have the chance to get the first three Mike Oldfield masterworks completely remixed, except if overwhelmed of him.

And one last thing, Much Ado About Nothing. These particular events had no relevance for anyone. So, who cares?

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