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Peter Gabriel - Live in Werchter, Belgium (1983-07-03)

Soundboard recording made during live concert at Werchter, Belgium, on 3rd July 1983.


01. Across The River
02. The Intruder
03. Not One Of Us
04. The Family And The Fishing Net
05. Humdrum
06. Shock The Monkey
07. Introduction
08. We Do What We're told
09. The Family Snapshot
10. Solsbury Hill
11. San Jacinto
12. On The Air
13. Biko

Live in Werchter

Reminder: all live bootlegs posted in this blog are not commercially available and no profit is pursued with them. They are exclusively available for free and artists recieve no profits from the spread of live recordings, only good vibes from the fans that love listening to them. Therefore, and very important, never sell nor trade this stuff - shows are purely for personal use only.

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