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Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi (1997)

Release date: 1997
Origin: Spain
Label: Barsa Promociones
Cat nº: CD-0665
Freedb Database Disc-ID: Freedb


01. Big Yellow Taxi
02. Ladies Of The Canyon
03. Woodstock
04. Blue Boy
05. Conversation
06. For Free
07. Morning Morgan Town
08. Rainy Night House
09. The Arrangement

Rare and extemely limited CD edition, very hard to find elsewhere. Fortunately, I got this copy at a record shop long time ago (then it was quite cheap, about 6 Euro). Sorry if I'm not sharing it anymore!

Original CD is neither available for sale through any record store, but one copy in mint condition can be found here at a cheaper price, at Spanish buy-sale-trade site TodoColección.

1 comentario:

  1. Neil,

    Thanks for this Spanish release of one of the best songwriters around.

    Muchimas gracias, amigo mio!



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