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Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds (Dutch version, '78 Radio broadcast)

A more than curious recording made in Holland (or Netherlands) in which a countryish-known radio broadcaster called Jan Van Veen was involved.

"Op 24 december 1978, tussen 17.00 uur en 18.30 uur heeft de Nederlandse radiozender Radio Veronica een Nederlandstalige versie uitgezonden. Hierin waren de stemmen te horen van o.a. Jan van Veen als de verteller, Peter Koelewijn als de predikant en Willem Duyn als de soldaat" (Wikipedia)

More or less primaly translated, says: On December 24th of 1978, from 17.00 till 18.30 in the evening, Radio Veronica, a Dutch radio station broadcasted a local version of this album, with the voices of Jan van Veen as the journalist / narrator, Peter Koelewijn as parson Nathaniel and Willen Duyn in the role of the artilleryman.

Patricia Paay, as Beth, parson's wife, was also another of collaborators in that particular event. A more detailed info, in Dutch, about that show is found here, and also here.


- Part 1: The Coming Of The Martians (46:23)
- Part 2: The Earth Under The Martians (45:45)

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  1. Hi - thanks for posting this - I've been interested to hear the different versions of WOTW. Part 2 of this one seems to be corrupt (have tried downloading a few times). Best wishes, Newelectricmuse

  2. I'm going to check it and if I find the same problem, I'll reupload it again.


  3. The archive has been remade and re-uploaded for all users.


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