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Transatlantic - Live In America (2001)

If you have been looking for the ultimate progressive rock super group you need not look any further. Transatlantic is made up of members from four of the premier prog-rock bands active today. Represented are the Flower Kings - Roine Stolt (guitar, vocals), Dream Theater - Mike Portnoy (drums), Marillion - Pete Trewavas (bass), and Spock's Beard - Neal Morse (keyboards, vocals). This is an impressive group of musicians to be sure. And the music is more than you could possibly expect from any group, super group or otherwise. Previous to this live recording release the group had never actually played together because of their tremendous workload recording with their main groups, touring, and spread out locations (hence their name being a perfect fit).

Due to these circumstances each member recorded their respective parts for each album at different locations worldwide. This situation really just has me awestruck, how could these guys just come together for the first time, go out on stage and pull this off? And they do it with such ease, just as if they have been together forever, Now that my music loving friends is the true meaning of talent and a real genuine love for one's craft.

You can tell that they are all enjoying themselves so much on these tracks. Just wait until you hear the "Magical Mystery Tour" and "Strawberry Fields Forever," it's a slice of heaven and nostalgia, and a nod to the great Beatles and their acknowledged influence upon anyone that started a group after they hit these shores back 1965. The nineteen minute medley on disc two is a superior showcase of prog-rock at its very best and most transitional. They cover five songs in the medley and leave nothing to chance, or to your imagination. There are so many reasons I love this kind of music. You are never bored, its always changing, and when you least expect it, and you never have time for your mind to wander off into useless mental masturbation, this is thought provoking intense music with meaning and thought put into every note.

Welcome to the Transatlantic musical experience, welcome to progressive rock.

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1. All Of The Above (30:47)
2. Mystery Train - Magical Mystery Tour - Strawberry Fields Forever (15:32)
3. We All Need Some Light (6:51)


1. Watcher Of The Skies - Firth Of Fifth (10:47)
2. My New World (16:51)
3. Medley: There Is More To This World - Go The Way You Go - The Great Escape - Finally Free - She's So Heavy (19:10)


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