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Serge Blenner at Spotify

For many people, Serge Blenner is still a very unknown composer. Born in France and living actually in Germany, Serge Blenner is an electronic musician with a recognisable style in which he knows how to mix with lots of imagination, such electronic orchestral performances with necessary rhythm for his compositions to be danced, approaching to techno-pop basements. Melodical elements presence, many times romantic, ingrained in his style.

He first made "La Vogue" album in 1979 and continued his musical career with new albums exploring electronical capacities to convey new emotions on listeners, with landscaping arrangements, turning from techno to World Music, as well as part of his works may pass on our ears a feeling of tranquility and fun at the same time.

His most celebrated album remains to be "La Dimension Prochaine", released in 1986.

Almost each of his albums is available at Spotify for full listening:

La Dimension Prochaine (1986)
Musique Esthétique (1988)
Equateur (1988)
Cosmos (1990)
Babylone (1991)
Libération (1992)
Symbolique (1993)
Musique Esthétique Vol. 2 (1993)
La Vogue & Magazine Frivole (1995)
Vision Et Poésie (1995)
Amour (1996)
Ars Oratoria (1999)
Virtualis (2001)
Miroir De Soi (2004)
Musique De Chambre (2008)

Official web site

It's a pity this musician remains still underrated and almost obliterated in many mass media, even Internet.

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  1. Mejor utiliza mediafire amigo

  2. Hace tiempo que he renegado de incluir enlaces para descargar nada. Si tienes Spotify y te lo puedes permitir (4,99 euros al mes en su versión Unlimited) es mejor que lo otro.

    No voy a caer en la trampa de volver a añadir links de descarga pues ya tuve bastante en su dia cuando casi me capan el blog de Wordpress por una cuestión así. Y no quiero que vuelva a pasar.


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