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Ella Fitzgerald - Golden Voices (Digitally Remastered) (2009)

Record Label: X5 Music Group
Originally released: 25-08-2009


1. It's Only a Paper Moon
2. Into Each Life
3. Sing Me a Swing Song
4. Goodnight My Love
5. Big Boy Blues
6. Stone Cold Dead in the Market
7. Mama. Come Home
8. All My Life
9. Benny's Coming Home On Saturday
10. I'm Confessin'
11. Oh Yes. Take Another Guess
12. And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine
13. I'm Beginning To See the Light
14. If You Can't Sing it
15. Dedicated To You
16. Cry You Out of My Heart
17. My Melancholy Baby
18. I Was Doing Alright
19. Petootie Pie
20. Rhythm & Romance
21. If Only You Knew
22. Vote for Mr. Rhythm
23. Wacky Dust
24. The Dipsy Doodle
25. We Can't Go On This Way
26. Under the Spell of the Blues
27. Gotta Pebble in My Shoe
28. Cryin' Mood
29. Chew, Chew, Chew (You're Bubblegum)
30. Love & Kisses
31. Moonlight in Vermont - with Louis Armstrong
32. Tenderly - with Louis Armstrong

Purchase: Rhapsody (only US residents), Amazon USA, Amazon UK.

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