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Marillion & Friends - Double O'Charity (London, 6-2-1986) Bootleg

This archive contains a strange mixture of live themes taken from two Marillion bootleg LP's: "Fish Out Of Water - Rarities Part 3" and "Double O'Charity". The reason to upload it here is for guest appearance of Mike Oldfield joining Marillion and other guest friends as Steve Hackett. All tracks included, as it was found from a torrent download page, are listed like this:

1. Shadow On The Wall (7.22)
2. I Know What I Like... In Your Wardrobe (6.04)
3. Garden Party (6.19)
4. Market Square Heroes (with Let's Twist Again) (9.01)

Each record is detailed as followed:

Fish Out Of Water - Rarities Part 3

Release Date: 1986 or later

Track Listing:

1. Shadow On The Wall (7:30)
2. I Know What I Like (6:42)
3. Auld Langs Ayne (3:52)

4. Geesabum (4:22)
5. Script For A Jester's Tear (9:51)
6. Cinderella Search (6:24)

Mike's Contribution: Guitar on track 1. Mike may also play on track 2 as Fish thanks Mike at the end of "I know What I Like" but that may just be for his performance on "Shadow On The Wall".

Special Notes: Tracks 1+2 were recorded live Hammersmith Odeon 6.2.86 during a charity concert.
Track 3-6 were recorded live Aylesbury Friars 22.12.84
Further guests: Roger Chapman (track 1),
Steve Hackett (track 2), John Otway (track 3)
Track 1 also features on the Marilion bootleg "Double O Charity". Track 2 features on the Mike Oldfield Bootlegs "I met a sweet Senora" and "Balm for the walking dead".


Double O Charity

Release Date: 1986

Track Listing:

Side One

1. Garden Party
2. Market Square Heroes / Let's Twist Again
3. Script for a Jester's Tear (Part 1)

Side Two

4. Script for a Jester's Tear (Part 2)
5. Fugazi
6. Shadow on the Wall

Mike's Contribution: Guitar on Shadow On The Wall.

Special Notes: Recorded live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK on February 2 1986.
Track 6 also features on the Marilion bootleg "Fish Out Of Water Rarities Part 3"

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Sound quality: Good - rather good.

Comprised from original WAV archives to 192 kbps MP3.

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