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Amon Düül (UK) - Fool Moon (1989)

Record label: ThunderBolt / The Magnum Music Group
Catalogue number: CDTB-117
Year release: 1991
Country: UK, Germany
Style: Progressive rock
Genre: Psychedelic, experimental.

Amon Düül (UK) was the British splinter of the German krautrock group Amon Düül that was active during the 1980s. The band released four original studio albums during their career, and one compilation. The band was actually named Amon Düül, with the (UK) designation added by fans to differentiate this lineup from the earlier one.

The band was formed by guitarist John Weinzerl and bassist Dave Anderson in Wales around the beginning of the 1980s, and featured drummer Guy Evans from the British progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator.

Four Amon Düül (UK) releases have now been remastered and reissued as of August 2008. The one exception so far is Die Lösung which will be reissued in 2009.

(Taken from Wikipedia)


01. Who Who (6.55)
02. The Tribe (7.20)
03. Tik Tok (8.06)
04. Haupmotor (16.51)
05. Hymn For The Hardcore (4.15)

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