martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

"Smoke in our minds"

We cannot see anything real through the smokescreen -
We cannot tell a lie from truth as we can't know what we see.
I'm still wiping my hands with the dust of every sermon we hear
the laments, the disenchant, the loathing, the rising fear
in a dark world that has left to make any sense.
We cannot find happiness
We still live in darkness.

We still believe in miracles we ever worship,
but we don't see far beyond our own conscence.

I want to see a blue sky right beyond our storms
ans see how smoke in our minds vanish away
with the Eastern wind of the morning,
and think so clear, so neat, find the right way
we have lost in this course of life.

We are so little, shortless,
starless, eyeless and perverse.
We easily lost every essence
and the rules of universe
doesn't make any difference
between ourselves.

Smoke in our minds
I want to see disappear.
Smoke in our lives.
Don't let them unclear.

(CC) Ignacio Prini Garcia.

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