sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2012

"Lady of the Night"

My lady of dreams,
Where are you at night?
I'm lost in a stream
That flows through the twilight
Far away, far away.

My lady of dreams,
are you still with me?
I'm still awaken
at the top of a tree
far away, far away.

If I must be dreaming
It's because you
that I need you
just by my side,
care me with your wisdom,
beautify my delusion,
take me through the gates
of your kingdom of illusion
to see the other face
of our deepest desires.

The rest of the day
makes me think who I am
when you're not here.
Come with me till dawn.
Lady of my soul,
Lady of the night.

Nothing sacred
but you as you are.
Take me away
Beyond the golden stars.
Far away, far away.

(CC) Ignacio Prini

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