viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2009

Mike Oldfield - 1981 European Adventure Tour

Full list of European live performances:

1981-03-16 Live in Munchen
1981-03-19 Live in Köln
1981-03-22 Live in Kiel
1981-03-25 Live in Hannover
1981-03-30 Live in Munster
1981-03-31 Live in Siegen (1st show) - Front cover
1981-03-31 Live in Siegen (2nd show)
1981-04-01 Live in Essen
1981-04-02 Live in Hannover
1981-06-17 Live in Stockholm
1981-06-21 Live in Bruxelles
1981-06-22 Live in Nijmegen
1981-06-23 Live in Rotterdam - Front - Back.
1981-06-24 Live in Paris
1981-07-06 Live in Milan
1981-07-09 Live in Rome
1981-07-10 Live in Livorno - Front - Back.
1981-07-12 Live in Rimini
1981-07-17 Live in Athens
1981-07-20 Live in Wien (Vienna)
1981-07-28 Live in London (the Royal Wedding Concert)
1981-07-30 Live in London
1981-08-00 Live in Barcelona
1981-08-09 Live in Nottingham

2 comentarios:

  1. Hi,
    Can you manage to make a similar post on the 1984 tour?
    That Oldfield tour features one of my favourite vocalists: Barry Palmer
    Thanks in advance and keep on the excellent workCheers from Portugal,

  2. Of course. I will post them in a next future, quite soon. ;)


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