sábado, 10 de enero de 2009

Musical Box

Play me an old fashioned song,
I'm a merry old soul
in a merry old world that haven't seen the sun.
On my heart beats the rhythm of the heat
specially waiting one beamlight on the run.

So I'll freeze all monsters of life
at the kingdom beyond the truth -
Past through the heavens greeding all fears
But there will be someone who'll stop them
and silently
every creature of us is close to disappear.

All souls night in a merry old tune
Playing moody blues for incoming June
and after summer trip throgh emptiness,
- on the mantlepiece
a fresh glass of milk
as I drink,
as I taste
the fruit of life,
recording our everlasting power in our loneliness
at mother's breast where we could be safe.

There, no mystery told
The beginning of all
Until we breathe the air-conditioned mint outing.
And a second sight
throughout daylight,
eternally disolving into the ashes of a burnt empire
just wasted out at world's edge flaming in desire.

And the old-fashioned song
Has shut down its pick-up too,
Any key reminded I was wrong
to close my eyes into the stew.
And a ringnote thrashed my window
Waking me up from dreaming kingdom,
Touching me with the magical sound
of a musical box tinkling my soul.

(C) IPG, 11 / 7 / 2008

All rights reserved.

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