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Biosphere – Patashnik (1994)

A semi-trance, semi-ambient cosmic journey through Geir Jenssen's soundscapes. This was the first of Biosphere I've known and still is very dear for me. Great movie samples in English and Russian give me a "space-station" feeling in some moments. I have to say that this album is a bit uneven and I prefer the ambient "side", which later became Jenssen's speciality. Anyway, a great album to start your acquaintance with ambient in general and Biosphere in particular. And once you've fallen in love with that music, it stays with you...

Track Listings

1. Phantasm (4:50)
2. Startoucher (5:02)
3. Decryption (6:04)
4. Novelty Waves (6:27)
5. Patashnik (6:13)
6. Mir (5:18)
7. The Shield (8:54)
8. Seti Project (5:58)
9. Mestigoth (1:43)
10. Botanical Dimensions (5:43)
11. Caboose (5:12)
12. En-Trance (4:40)

Geir Jenssen - composer, electronics, technic developements, synthesizers, samples
Aleksander Stojanovic - digital edits
Karsten Brustad - arrangement, composer (10)

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Releases information
CD Origo Sound 1994, OCD 9208
CD R&S/Apollo 1994, AMB 3927
CD R&S/Apollo AMB 3921 CDX Digimailer, limited edition of 1000, numbered
LP R&S/Apollo AMB 3927 2LP
LP R&S/Apollo AMB 3927 X 2LP limited edition of 1000 in transparent blue vinyl

Where to get the original CD/LP
- Boomkat (mp3 sale)
- CD Baby
- DiscoGS
- Biosphere Shop

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