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Tyrannosaurus Rex - My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair... (1968)

My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair... But Now They're Content to Wear Stars on Their Brows is the debut album by British rock band Tyrannosaurus Rex (later known as T. Rex), released in 1968. The record features Marc Bolan on vocals and guitars, and Steve Peregrine Took on backing vocals, drums, pixiephone, and percussion. It also features disc jockey John Peel, who reads a Bolan-penned fairytale for the album's closing track, "Frowning Atahuallpa (My Inca Love)", which includes what must be one of the earliest "Hare Krishna" chants on a British pop record (two years before George Harrison's My Sweet Lord).

The album's music is much influenced by Tyrannosaurus Rex' psychedelic contemporaries, and marks, for Bolan, a rejection of the electric guitar–led freakbeat music he'd been playing with his previous band, John's Children.

Recordings of the songs "Mustang Ford" (single release, titled "Go Go Girl") and "Hot Rod Mama" (live) by John's Children exist.

Released: July 5, 1968
Recorded at Advision Studios, London
Genre: Rock, Psychedelic folk
Length: 33:18
Label: Regal Zonophone, LRZ 1003 (mono), SRZ 1003 (stereo).
Producer: Tony Visconti

Actually, a decent second-hand LP may have a "nice" value for collectors if looking at eBay stores, but first try at your local record fairs or second-hand record shops, then other towns secondly.

The new 180-gram vinyl LP contains the bonus track "Debora" plus a lyric sheet, available at Aural Exploits shopping web.

Track Listing:

1. Hot Rod Mama
2. Scenscof
3. Child Star
4. Strange Orchestras
5. Chateau In Virginia Waters
6. Dwarfish Trumpet Blues
7. Mustang Ford
8. Afghan Woman
9. Knight
10. Graceful Fat Sheba
11. Weilder Of Words
12. Frowming Atahuallpa

Bonus: Debora (from A-side 7" single c/w "Child Star", Regal Zonophone RZ-3008, 1968 - rereleased on Fly label, 1972), and included in the recent remastered edition with added tracks.


This will be my last post before my little holidays I start tomorrow. I'll be back in September. See ya!


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