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Baffo Banfi and his electronic moods

Giuseppe Banfi, former keyboardist of Un Biglietto per l'Inferno started a solo career with an album in 1978, though it had been recorded a year before and released just when he was in the army by the small jazz-oriented Red Record label.

Inspired by the German electronic music of the 70's, Banfi attracted the interest of Klaus Schulze, a former Tangerine Dream member who had a short-live existance inside the group (only as a drummer on 1970's Electronic Meditation album), whom he had first met when on tour in the latest days of Biglietto in 1975. Schulze had already been approached to be the producer of the band's second album, but was never released at the time.

Galaxy My Dear was entirely played by Banfi and shows strong comparisons with the German cosmic music, including five long tracks, one of which, Goodbye My Little Star, is 18 minutes long.

Second album Ma, Dolce Vita was recorded for Schulze's label, Innovative Communication, and released in Germany, again including all instrumental electronic tracks, while a third work, Hearth from 1981, was the only one to feature a rhythm section of guest musicians.

Following the release of this album Banfi quit the music, creating a video production studio in Milan called La Vetraia, and he's strongly involved in the recent Biglietto per l'Inferno celebrative releases.


As J.B. Banfi:

1. Galaxy My Dear

Genre: Electronic
Style: New Age, Ambient
Year: 1978
LP, Album: Red Record VPA 123 Italy
CD: Red Record VM 099 CD Italy


Side A:
1 - Galaxy My Dear (13:00)
2 - Audio Emotion (6:00)
3 - Paradox: Streams (5:00)

Side B:
1 - Gang (For The Rock Industry) (6:00)
2 - Goodbye My Little Star (18:00)

Mixed By [Mixage] - Augusto Brivio , J.B. Banfi*
Producer - A. Brivio* , S. Veschi*
Synthesizers [Mini, Micro, Poly Moog; Farfisa Rythm Machine, A.r.p. 2600 + Sequencer, Logan E Solina String Ensemble] & Electronics [Echi: Roland E Binson Chambers, Eventide Clockworks Phaser, Faylon Mixer E Altri], Music By [Musiche Di] - J.B. Banfi*
Technician [Tecnico Del Suono] - Augusto Brivio


As Baffo Banfi:

2. Ma, Dolce Vita

Label: Innovative Communication
Catalog n.: IC 58 066
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Germany
Released: 1979
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo, Ambient


Side A:
1 - Oye Cosmo Va (6:41)
2 - Quelle Dolce Estate Sul Pianeta Venere (6:05)
3 - Vino, Donne E Una Tastiera (7:14)
4 - Astralunato (3:51)

Side B:
Fantasia Di Un Pianeta Sconosciuto (17:57)

Producer, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By: Klaus Schulze
Written by Baffo Banfi, playing synthesizers (Moog Modular System, Minimoog, Yamaha Cs-80, Korg Vocoder).


3. Hearth (1981)

Label: Innovative Communication
Catalog n.: KS 80.008
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Germany
Released: 1981
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo, Minimal


Side A:
1 - Indian (6:35)
2 - The Incredible Doogy (5:45)
3 - Dancing On The Ship (4:55)

Side B:
1 - This You Was (8:50)
2 - Heart Circuit Machine (8:40)

Producer - Klaus Schulze


4. The Sound Of Southern Sunsets (1988)

Label: Innovative Communication
Catalog n.: IC 710.065
Format: CD
Country: Germany
Released: 1988
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient


1 - Oye Cosmos Va (6:45)
2 - Quelle Dolce Estate Sul Pianeta Venere (6:10)
3 - Vino, Donne E Una Tastiera (7:17)
4 - Astralunato (3:55)
5 - Fantasia Di Un Pianeta Sconosciuto (18:02)
6 - Love Magnetic Research(8:46)
7 - Dancing On The Ship (4:50)
8 - Indian (3:59)

Artwork By - Michael Weisser
Synthesizer - Baffo Banfi

Italian lifestyle and happiness - transformed into cheerful music, missing all teutonic broodiness. Sounds are floating freely through space, awakening dreams and memories of open spaces, sun, beach, "Vino" and "Donne". Be alive!

Recorded and mixed at IC Studio, La Basilica (Milano), Klaus Schulze Studio.
This is a compilation of Baffo Banffi tracks from 1979, 1981 and 1982.
Track times listed are actual from the CD, not the artwork.

Refered links:

- La Vetraia site
- Videoland

Buy it / Cómpralo:

Galaxy My Dear

- 3-MP3

Ma, Dolce Vita:

- 3-MP3
- MP3 Fiesta
- MP3 Panda
- MP3 Patio

The Sound Of Southern Sunsets

- Legal Sounds
- Dolce MP3
- MP3 Fiesta
- MP3 Patio

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  1. Hay un error cuando estoy abriendo el archivo Ma, Dolce Vita.rar. Creo es una problema con el archivo?

  2. Pero todos los otros estan bien y la musica es ecelente! Gracias!

  3. He probado a descargarlo y veo que después de descomprimirlo, me dice que hay un problema con el track "Astralunato". :?

    De todas formas, si te has descargado el último, "The sound of southern sunsets", verás que tiene los mismos temas que el "Ma, Dolce Vita". Te puedes coger el "Astralunato" de ese disco e incluirlo en este otro, copiándolo pues es básicamente lo mismo. Lo que creo, tal vez, que el último disco de la lista sea una especie de recopilación en el que se ha incluido TODOS los temas de "Ma , Dolce Vita", un tema inédito, más dos canciones de "Hearth".

    So to say (in English) for rest of readers, "Ma, Dolce Vita" (MDV) has some error, after decompressing the archive, with only one of its contents. So, to fix it, it's good to take "The Sound Of Southern Sunsets" and copy "Astralunato" track and paste it into MDV folder, as it's basically the same.


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