viernes, 5 de junio de 2009

Tom Newman - Ozymandias (1996)

Tom Newman's Ozymandias is something of a lost masterpiece. Featuring a variety of inspired settings incorporating neo-classical, ambient and rock motifs, Tom provides a musical backdrop for the powerful and much acclaimed work of Percy. B. Shelley.

Released in 1988 for Oceandisc record label, as test pressings only, had a CD reissue on Voiceprint (VP185CD) in 1996. So it may be officially published that year.

Track listing:

01. Dying Civilisation (8:08)
02. Cycle for Moving Dunes (12:41)
03. Ozymandias: The Song (4:36)
04. Cenotaph (1:50)
05. Song Abstracted (2:38)
06. Missing Peace (2:51)
07. Reprise (2:01)

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