jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

Neil Parsons - Magnetic Fields 5 "The Last Rumba"

My personal arrangement over Jarre's "The Last Rumba" from his 1981 album Magnetic Fields. As usual with other musical clips made by myself in my private room, rough sound and stridency mark principal defects, but still has some enchantement. Hope to buy quite soon a brand new video camera and get rid of this one: a simple Starblitz digital photo camera (that's how I created it). Suggestions about a decent and cheap video-recorder will be appreciated, telling me just the model, not the price. ;)

(C) 1981, Jean Michel Jarre.

As far as own Jarre explicitly allows fans to make fan videos, using his concerts and music, as long as they remain fair and credit him. So I do.

Instruments used:
Casio WK-3200 (Rumba rhythm and guitar synth leads) and Casio MA-101 (jazz guitar preset).


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