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Kevin Ayers - Whatevershebringswesing (1972)

Behind this typically Canterbury-humor title, and a Jerome Bosch-like artwork sleeve hides may be one of Ayer’s more average solo career album. Although Coxhill is gone (Gong-man Didier Malherbe on reeds replaces him), Bedford and Oldfield are still around and the drum stool is held by ex-East Of Eden Dufort.

Right from the first note of the opening track There Is Loving Among Us, you know that you are in for some of the most serious musical explorations in Ayers’s career. The slow intro and outro of this track is simply fascinating and indicative on how talented Ayers could be, but this reinforces the sad feeling that he never did force his talent enough. Margaret is a rather fine but soft love track and Oh My is the only flaw on the first side of the vinyl. Song From The Bottom Of A Well is another stunner, although one wish it was longer.

The second vinyl side starts with the rather strange title track, but although pleasant, it is rather overlong but with Robert Wyatt on backing vocals. Next is one of Ayers’ most enduring song (but not my fave), Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes, Champagne Cowboy blues being almost country but holds a very recognizable Oldfield guitar, but the track almost digresses for a few second into a fanfare and Lullaby is rather plain.

Bonus tracks are not that interesting, Stars being the B-side of the Stranger single and one would wish for inclusion on the original vinyl. The other two tracks also missing the cut and having been released on his 76 compilation Odd Ditties.

Following this album, Ayers will tour with Gong, even planning to join, but this was not to be, and there will be a one off BBC In Concert special – maybe the best CD from Kevin up to nowadays. Anyway had the quality of the tracks from the first side been repeated on the second side, we would have a real classic, but again as usual, the album is rather uneven and this is again due to Ayers not forcing his talent.

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Track Listings

1. There is Loving/Amongst Us/There is Loving (3:04)
2. Margaret (3:20)
3. Oh My (2:59)
4. Song From The Bottom Of A Well (4:37)
5. Whatevershebringswesing (8:13)
6. Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes (3:24)
7. Champagne Cowboy Blues (3:56)
8. Lullabye (2:14)

Total Time: 36:09

Bonus tracks on Eclipse remaster (2003):
9. Stars (3:32)
10. Don't Sing No More Sad Songs (3:46)
11. Fake Mexican Tourist Blues (4:38)
12. Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes [Early Mix] (3:19)

Total Time: 51:27

- Kevin Ayers / vocals, guitar, bass
- David Bedford / keyboards, orchestral arrangements
- Mike Oldfield / bass, guitar
- Dave Dufort / drums
- William Murray / drums
- Tony Carr / drums
- Robert Wyatt / vocals (5)
- Didier Malherbe / saxophone, flute
- Gerry Fields / violin
- Johnny Van Derek / violin

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